Helix Communications’ Mountain Top Repeater Systems (MTRS) are designed in-house and are engineered to be long-lined under a helicopter. The MTRS are available for rental or sale and are weatherproof and capable of running off solar panels year-round. The towers are portable and can be permanently installed in less than a day. This rapidly deployable system allows for quick, permanent or semi-permanent installation in virtually any terrain.


  • Highly portable, designed to be long-lined with helicopter
  • Temporary or Semi-permanent installation available
  • Better coverage than suitcase repeaters
  • Durable construction with permanent anchoring system capable of handling ice and wind load
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Solar and/or wind powered options available
  • Low maintenance

Options & Accessories

  • Fully customizable, can be built to suit specific customer needs
  • Variety of mounting systems available (permanent installation with rock bolts, poured cement pads, and no trace left behind options as well)