Helix Communications & Energy is a distributor of Icom products, offering both handheld and mobile UHF and VHF radios as well as repeaters and scanners. In addition to radio communications, Helix Communications is a dealer in Iridium satellite phones and Delorme inReach systems capable of handling communication needs anywhere on the globe. We also design and build custom mountain top repeater systems (MTRS) tailored for individual client needs.

Interstate Batteries available

Specializing in short and long-term rentals as well as sales, Helix Electronics offers the following:

      • Radios
      • Satellite Phones
      • Satellite Internet
      • inReach
      • Custom Manufactured Mountain Top Repeater Systems


Helix Communications offers a full line of Icom products capable of handling all your radio communication needs with handhelds, mobiles, and repeaters available.

Mobile Satellite

Helix Electronics offers a full line of Iridium and Delorme inReach products capable of handling all your satellite communication needs.